Saturday, August 15

How to Solve USB drive hidden data Problem

Let get some easy way to solve hidden file or folder data on USB. USB (Universal Serial Bus) has become a tool for our day to day life . Whenever we think of picture, audio, video to transfer, either we choose internet or USB.

1. Manual method of unhiding the content on Windows.

Start windows explore by clicking startmenu on taskbar or press Windows key + E.

windows explorer folder option
windows explorer folder option
windows explorer folder option win 10
Explorer Folder Option (Windows 10)

Now click on Folder Option, Then on View

Select Show hidden files, folders and drive.

Uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)

folder option select
Folder Option

After clicking Apply or Ok, hidden content will be visible to work with in Windows Explorer.

Now goto USB drive to view the hidden Content.

2. Using Command method

Click start -> Run             OR

Opens Run Dialog box, like this.

run dialog box
Run Dialog Box

Type CMD, Press ENTER Or Click OK

Black screen windows will be open similar to this.

Type your usb drive (pen drive) letter with colon. Example i:

Note: Assuming i is your usb drive letter as seen in Windows Explorer.

Then press Enter Key

Again Type attrib –h –r –s *.* /s /d

All your files and folders will be visible now, Now goto

command prompt

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