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How to show degrees in a Excel Pie chart

Degree in Excel Pie Chart

Pie Chart are a popular way for displaying data that are classified in percentage as a whole of 100% and slice are portion of the whole. Pie chart generally used to show as percentage data presented in a category.

So, in this Excel pie chart tutorial you will learn how to make a pie chart and how to insert and display a degree symbol as a data label (we do not have straight way to put a degree in the pie chart).

To understand how to display a degree symbol in excel pie chart going to take small example

In a worksheet starting in column A and in a First row,

i.e., Row1: going to give a value A, B, C and D and in a
Row 2 respective value 12, 28, 45, and 37

This could be any value that we need to convert in degree

Now in a row 3 i.e., A3, we are putting a formula A3=360*A2/(SUM(A2:D2))
And copy across columns B…to D.
This gives each column its share of 360 degrees.

Now select A1:D3 and use the chart wizard, or insert menu and chart and select the simple pie chart.
This puts a Pie chart on your worksheet.

Now right click on it and select source data and then the series tab.
Change the box level category labels to read $A$3:$D$3 (Absolute referencing). these are the degree figures you want.
Now go to chart option (i.e., right click on the chart) and choose the data labels tab.

Let’s do the trick to show a degree in the pie chart. You can adjust the decimal value to be shown.

  1. Select A3 to D3 right click on format cells
  2. open a format cell dialogue box,
  3. go to custom on the left side
  4. in type box write 0 “°” (° – for degree sign on keyboard keep press ALT key and on Numeric keypad press 0176)

Now press ok and your value are shown as degree on pie chart.

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